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Imprevisto Bibg Band.jpeg

Imprevisto: Big Band Arrangement by Cesar Orozco (As played by Pablo Gil & Raices Jazz Orchestra feat. Tony Succar).

00:00 / 06:56

This Latin Grammy nominated (2019) arrangement combines funk with Afro-Cuban jazz in a very "Irakere" style. This piece has been played by several student big bands at different universities across the US and abroad. 


Portada Orozcojam.jpg

Café, Tabaco y Azúcar: Combo Arrangement by Cesar Orozco.

00:00 / 04:40

Café, Tabaco y Azúcar is a Chachacha composed and arranged by Cesar Orozco for his 2nd album "Orozcojam" (2010). This arrangement is written for Trumpet 1&2, Tenor and Alto Sax, Bass, Piano, Drums, and Percussion.



Kamarateao: Big Band Arrangement by Cesar Orozco.

00:00 / 05:09

Kamarateao is a piece that combines the contagious rhythm of "Merengue" from Dominican Republic with jazz and blues elements. 


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